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January 31, 2021  

Book Report on Leviticus

The Bible explains in Hebrews 10:17 that "In the volume of the Book, it is written of Me." The offerings we read about in Leviticus speak of our Savior.  God offered His only Son to atone for our sins.  We need to come to God acknowledging that He alone provides the right sacrifice, one that is acceptable in every way.


January 24, 2021  

Book Report on Exodus

In Exodus we see the hand of God moving on behalf of His people to free them from slavery and oppression.  He intervenes for them against the most powerful nation at the time. This happens on His timeline, not theirs or Moses'.  Today, believers can count on His presence and intervention in their lives also.

January 17, 2021  

Book Report on the Gospel of John

How sad to leave a gift unopened when the Giver went through so much to present it to the whole world. This Giver not only saves us, but He also never leaves us or forsakes us.  This is another book report, this time on the book of John.

January 10, 2021  

Book Report on Revelation

Revelation - It's a revealing.  Our Savior is revealed as the One who can wash us from the penalty of sin, if we ask.  He's the One who submitted Himself to the agony of the cross when all power was His.  He's the One who is King of kings whom all nations will eventually have to submit to.

January 3, 2021  

Book Report on Genesis

Genesis is the first book in the Bible.  It is a book of beginnings.  So many truths are recorded there for our discovery, but we'll only discover them if we prayerfully ask the Author to reveal them to us. 

December 27, 2020  

Challenge for 2021

Challenged to be geologists who will find in the Lord our Rock the following: salvation, refuge, strength, and a stronghold; we can face whatever 2021 sends our way because He is with us.

December 20, 2020  

Worship Him

In the rush of Christmas and life in general, do we worship Him who left heaven's glories to be born in a manger?  Do we have room?  He can make such a difference when given a chance!

December 13, 2020  

Having Balance

A healthy balance recognizes the power of the Word, the plan and purpose of God, and the path we are on. God has given us all the tools we need.

November 29, 2020  

A Transformed Lame Man

We can certainly identify with the lame man in Acts 3.  We too were carried along by forces in this world until the Lord got our attention.  He wants to use willing vessels to bring His transforming message to others.  How can we be quiet about what He's done for us?

November 22, 2020  

Getting Ready

We can look at ourselves and feel we are defective and that God can't possibly use us.  Wouldn't Satan love to sideline us with that attitude?  God can and does use empty vessels that come to Him for filling.  He'll equip us for the battles ahead; just ask!

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