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August 9, 2020  

Don’t Be Fooled

Acts 19:11-16  Jesus said He was the light of the world. Light can keep us from pitfalls.  Like the seven sons of Sceva, there are shysters in our world as well.  Let God's Word lead you.  Let's be light for others.

August 2, 2020  

Will You Walk Away?

John 6:54-70 Does my walk in the realm of Christianity satisfy my experience while I shun the expectation of Jesus?  Am I just looking for excitement?  Eternal life may hang on the answer.

July 26, 2020  

The Compassionate Centurion

The compassionate centurion sought out the compassionate Savior.  The Roman soldier had concern for his servant and certainty of Jesus' power.  Jesus's comment showed He marveled at the centurion's great faith.  Let's ask the Compassionate Savior how He'd have us show compassion to others.

July 19, 2020  

Spirit of God Indwelling Us

His ministry to us as teacher, helper, comforter, and guide is provided by God because He loves us.  Incredibly, He will never leave us.

July 12, 2020  

A Tour of Prisons

Prisons come in different forms.  Yes, we all know of the brick and mortar kind, but what about those of our making?  Can't we be imprisoned by wrong choices, locked in?  God wants to influence the outcome.  There is a way of escape.  When a jailor realized he was imprisoned by his circumstances, he found God could set him free.

July 5, 2020  

The “Comma”

The Spiritual lessons we can learn from King David's Life in 2 Samuel 24. He understood:
- The importance of repentance
- God's complete forgiveness
- His consequences to sin
- To throw himself on the mercy of God
- In light of God's perfect gift of salvation to us, God deserves our best (not our leftovers)

June 28, 2020  

Truths Voiced

John 7:45-52

We have an innate desire for truth.  It provides security.  Jesus gave us His Word on salvation, sin, the Scriptures, supplication, service, and His second coming.  His Word is true.

June 21, 2020  

Parable of the Good Samaritan

Luke 10:24-37 

According to the story of the Good Samaritan who is my neighbor?  How has God, our heavenly Father, rescued you from being a victim of the order of things?

June 14, 2020  

Contamination Concerns

Wheat and tares growing together...the illustration from God's Word has much to teach us.

June 7, 2020  

Working for My Good

Romans 8:28 can carry believers to a greater love for the Father when it is understood.  We can trust Him to fulfill His purpose for good in each one of us.

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