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August 22, 2021  

Book Report on First Chronicles

Chronicles is a historical account of events arranged in order to time.  We read of Saul, Jonathan, David and his mighty men. Oh, that the record that will one day be revealed will show us standing firm, defending what should be defended.

August 15, 2021  

Book Report on Philippians

The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Philippians from a prison cell along with 3 other epistles.  Philippians is often called the epistle of joy.   In it Paul presents the truth about salvation, sanctification, and service. What fruit came out of Paul's life - 13 epistles in all that we glean from and prayerfully allow to produce fruit in ours. 

August 1, 2021  

Book Report on II Kings

Can we relate to II Kings where we find a nation in rebellion, disobedient to God?  Oh, how the Bread of Life wants to satisfy the hunger within us for truth and hope in uncertain times!  May we truly serve the Rejected King and acknowledge His Word as the light for our path so that we can walk in His will.

July 25, 2021  

Book Report on First Kings

Israel didn't want a theocracy, so God gave them kings.  Many made bad decisions, married to form political alliances that they thought would provide protection, and failed to worship the One True God.  David wanted more from his son.  Our heavenly Father wants more from His children also.  Let's not fall in step with those around us, but follow in His steps.

July 18, 2021  

Book Report on Ephesians

While in a Roman jail, the Apostle Paul called himself a prisoner of Jesus Christ.  He did not say he was a prisoner of Rome.  He was acknowledging that God is sovereign.  While in prison, he wrote what is commonly known as the prison epistles. God provided the time and means whereby this apostle could leave written instructions for the saints of all ages.  The book of Ephesians has much to offer.

July 11, 2021  

Book Report on Matthew

Matthew reveals Christ, who though He was God, came through a physical lineage beginning with Abraham.  The author was a hated tax collector whom Jesus chose to be an apostle, thus revealing God's love for those whom the world judges as unlovable.  The book develops how a citizen of heaven should behave and so much more.

July 4, 2021  

Book Report on II Samuel

In II Samuel we see life in the raw.  Without an understanding of God's Word or God's servant, some made assumptions that cost them their lives.  May we learn from these accounts God has preserved.  They've been recorded to help us, protect us, and teach us.

June 20, 2021  

Book Report 1st Samuel part G

It's so easy for us to think we know what's best.  We need to acknowledge God is in charge.  He will guide through His Word and He remains in control.  Can we wait upon Him?  Can we trust Him?  Will we go even if we are afraid?

June 13, 2021  

Book Report 1st Samuel Part F

Oh, what could have been!  Saul is one of those characters that brings us face to face with that reality.  Opportunity was given, but sins of the flesh  - like pride, jealousy - caused him to lose it. May we let Him have His way with us.

June 6, 2021  

Book Report 1st Samuel part E

Intended to be our Guide as the repository of truth, Ancient Words have been preserved for all time.  We know truth is not found in organized religion, for men have a tendency to stray- to seek their own glory.  Let's win battles, not with religious articles, but through God's power as revealed in His Word.

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