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November 15, 2020  

No Greater Demonstration

Romans 5:1-8   Such love! His actions reveal the extent of His commitment to us.  May our actions also demonstrate  His love and mercy.

November 8, 2020  

Nehemiah, God’s Servant

Nehemiah chapter 2:  What a role model Nehemiah is for us! His involvement proved to be inspirational.  His insight prevented unnecessary conflict.  God has given each of us an invitation, first for salvation then for service.  Trust Him in it all.

October 25, 2020  

Comfort in the Word Part 2

Isaiah 40:1-8 The grass withers and the flower fades - we are just here for a short time. With eternity's values in view, we want to make a way for our King.

October 18, 2020  

Comfort in the Word Part One

Christians are equipped to bring comfort from the Word of God even in adverse circumstances.  Isaiah did it.  Do we?

October 4, 2020  

Picking Up the Pieces

What a horrible job it must be to evaluate a crash site or a wreck to come to a conclusion regarding the why's and wherefore's. May our lives be guided by the One who can bring a storm under control.  May we stay connected to the true Vine.

September 27, 2020  

Opportunity to See

John 9: 1-41  Like the blind man in this chapter we too are blind to spiritual truths until we are touched by the Savior's healing hand. Then we should want our loved ones, neighbors,  anyone and everyone to see also.

September 20, 2020  

Drawn by God’s Love

God is rich in mercy.  He paid for our salvation.  He is willing to give us a new birth into His family.  He becomes our Father.  We will always be His child then.  As a father watches over his child, our heavenly Father watches over us and He pities us.  He's waiting to welcome us home.

September 13, 2020  

Believe and Apply

God has carefully packed the Word of God so that we can land safely in the event of a misfortune.  His Word provides truths that, when applied, will see us through.

September 6, 2020  

Finding by Losing

How do we know what God is up to?  We know His heart.  He gave His only Son.  In eternity we may very well find loss to be gain.

August 30, 2020  

He’s Able

Are you persuaded that He is able?  Beyond a song that points out Christ's miracles, the Word provides testimony in prophecies fulfilled.  What a privilege to rest in His finished work and not our own efforts.

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