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October 13, 2019  

It’s Clear

It's clear that God loved us so much He provided salvation for us the only way all could receive it.

October 6, 2019  

Zipporah, the Midianite

Zipporah is a Midianite woman whom Moses married. A Midianite does not know the living and true God, nor would he or she want to use His Word as a guide through life.  With whom do we identify - Moses or Zipporah?

September 29, 2019  

Achsah: I Want More

Achsah, Caleb's daughter, asked for more.  Her ancestry, her angel, attitude, actions, and acquirements all combined to make this possible.

September 22, 2019  

Abigail: Recognizing the King

What do we do with the rejected King?  Are we like Nabal or like Abigail?  Let's not let God's Word fall unheeded.

September 15, 2019  

Phoebe, a Servant

Phoebe, a servant of the church, serves as an example, much like the woman of Proverbs 31.  She is significant, successful, serviceable, and supportive.  Is that our goal?

September 8, 2019  

Gideon #7: Always a Final Chapter

Our character Gideon did not have a good final chapter.  Our prayer is that we will end well.

September 1, 2019  

Gideon #6:The Size of Our God

Watchful soldiers under God's command can win what would appear to be an insurmountable battle.

August 25, 2019  

Gideon #5: Proof Enough?

God knows us.  He's still willing to deal with the Gideon's, the Jacob's,  the David's amongst us.  His love for us can not be denied.  His grace towards us can not be diminished.  His way of salvation can not be dismissed.

August 18, 2019  

Gideon #4, God Revealed

God raised Gideon so His glory could be revealed and He could be revered again as His people returned from the worship of Baal.

August 11, 2019  

Gideon #3, Altered at the Altar

Gideon is not the only one needing power from the Lord to truly be "a mighty man of valor."