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December 8, 2019  

Mary, Vessel Yielded to God

Luke 1:39-56 is our text.  It contains Mary's praise for God, her Savior.  Her familiarity with the Scriptures shines through. Two thousand years later her directive to do what He says still applies.

December 1, 2019  

Barzillai, a Man of Iron

Barzillai ministered to the rejected king, David.  The call rings out asking if we are ministering to or for the Rejected King, Jesus.

November 24, 2019  

Cain or Abel

Two brothers - two different endings to their story!  How's yours going to end?

November 10, 2019  

Veterans Day 2019

The hardships veterans have endured entitle them to respect.  May we always be among the first to give honor where honor is due.  God has preserved the memory of many of His finest soldiers in the Word.  What will be recorded about us?

November 3, 2019  

Rachel, Caught Up in the Drama

In the portrait of Rachel's life, recorded for all time, God wants us to see ourselves.  No doubt lovely on the outside, but inside like us, her sinful heart beat and struggled through the scenes she found herself in.

October 27, 2019  

Rufus, Standing Out

If we stand out, is it for good?  What will God have to say about us?

October 20, 2019  

Belshazzar, Still in Trouble

Belshazzar, declared guilty by God for treating holy things with irreverence, couldn't believe judgment was really at the door.

October 13, 2019  

It’s Clear

It's clear that God loved us so much He provided salvation for us the only way all could receive it.

October 6, 2019  

Zipporah, the Midianite

Zipporah is a Midianite woman whom Moses married. A Midianite does not know the living and true God, nor would he or she want to use His Word as a guide through life.  With whom do we identify - Moses or Zipporah?

September 29, 2019  

Achsah: I Want More

Achsah, Caleb's daughter, asked for more.  Her ancestry, her angel, attitude, actions, and acquirements all combined to make this possible.