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October 3, 2021  

Book Report on First Thessalonians

Paul made a missionary journey to Thessalonica, visited a synagogue there, and established a church in that location.  The record in Acts 17 documents Paul’s work teaching foundational truth over a three-week period. Could a letter reinforce the good and steer these believers away from the wrong?  Faithful Paul, enabled by God the Father, labored to correct error that was creeping in along with the challenges to his authority.  Whatever we’ve been called to do, are we serving in spite of the challenges or looking to be served?

September 26, 2021  

Book Report on Nehemiah

Nehemiah asked about the work, he was affected by what he learned, he appealed to God in prayer, he admitted his and his nation's guilt, then he acted.  Am I willing to follow his example?

September 19, 2021  

Book Report on Philemon

The Book of Philemon is more than just a letter to the man who owned a slave named Onesimus.  Because it is in the canon of Scripture, it is a letter to us about what can be expected from a believer.  One character needed to give forgiveness; the other needed to ask for forgiveness.  Just as Paul was the mediator who brokered that situation by reminding Philemon of a debt he owed him, Christ is our Mediator who can remind a holy God that our debt is paid in full by His work on Calvary.

September 12, 2021  

Book Report on Ezra

God in charge of - in control of a pagan king?  Can it be? God can use anyone as a tool to accomplish His will.  We see that in King Cyrus of Persia.  We also see God in charge of - in control of Ezra, a scribe and priest in Aaron's line. He served in spite of difficulties.  Do we let Him take charge of us? 

September 5, 2021  

Book Report on II Chronicles

Our goal is to do some social learning as we perform an examination of some of the kings in Judah's history.  We realize they had opportunity and responsibility, but they lost track of those God-given things.  We want to stay on track, learn from these examples...these men whose lives God had recorded for our benefit, so we can finish well.

August 29, 2021  

Book Report on Colossians

In this book of Colossians, Paul addresses the need for complete reliance on the Word of God to walk as He would have us to.  We are not to allow philosophers or our preconceived ideas and traditions to dictate what Christianity should look like.

August 22, 2021  

Book Report on First Chronicles

Chronicles is a historical account of events arranged in order to time.  We read of Saul, Jonathan, David and his mighty men. Oh, that the record that will one day be revealed will show us standing firm, defending what should be defended.

August 15, 2021  

Book Report on Philippians

The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Philippians from a prison cell along with 3 other epistles.  Philippians is often called the epistle of joy.   In it Paul presents the truth about salvation, sanctification, and service. What fruit came out of Paul's life - 13 epistles in all that we glean from and prayerfully allow to produce fruit in ours. 

August 1, 2021  

Book Report on II Kings

Can we relate to II Kings where we find a nation in rebellion, disobedient to God?  Oh, how the Bread of Life wants to satisfy the hunger within us for truth and hope in uncertain times!  May we truly serve the Rejected King and acknowledge His Word as the light for our path so that we can walk in His will.

July 25, 2021  

Book Report on First Kings

Israel didn't want a theocracy, so God gave them kings.  Many made bad decisions, married to form political alliances that they thought would provide protection, and failed to worship the One True God.  David wanted more from his son.  Our heavenly Father wants more from His children also.  Let's not fall in step with those around us, but follow in His steps.

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